Coorg Exotica takes great pleasure in introducing Gourmet South Indian coffee – “The finest natural shade-grown ‘mild’ coffees in the world”. Our coffee is specially handpicked from the high altitude plantations of “Coorg” district. “Coorg” is situated on the sun washed slopes of the Deccan Plateau in Karnataka state of southern India. Apart from being the highest coffee-producing region in India. “Coorg” is known for its fertile black soil, tropical climate and abundant rainfall. Our coffee, when carefully roasted and savored is known for its smooth, low-acid, exotic taste and a fine aroma. India is the 6th largest coffee producer in the world and the coffee’s tradition dates back to over 150 years.

Coorg Exotica

450 /KG

100% pure coffee

Coorg Aroma

400 /KG

70% Coffee and 30% Chikory

Coorg Mist

300 /KG

80% Coffee and 20% Chikory